Shreya G Upadhyay
Speech Emotion Recognition, Affective Computing, Deep Learning, Machine Learning
Shreya G Upadhyay
Shreya G Upadhyay is a Ph.d student in Electrical Engineering under supervision of Prof. Chi-Chun (Jeremy) Lee in Behavioral Informatics & Interaction Lab (BIIC Lab) at National Tsing Hua University start from 2019.

Her research interests are in human centered behavior analysis, rare acoustic sound event detection, scene classification and speech and language processing and recognition, focusing on human centric affective computing while considering its acoustic sound environment especially in domain like multimedia. She has involved in several interdisciplinary academic research project, for instance, rare sound event detection with ASR feature representations and English/Indian language cross-switching ASR projects with Su Bo Hao. She also has engaged in cooperation project with CMEDIA in February to July 2021 and currently working on Chinese-podcast project from august 2021.
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