Chi-Chun Lee (Jeremy)

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)

Office:  Room 868, Delta Building
Address: No. 101, Section 2, Kuang-Fu Road, 30013 Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Chi-Chun Lee (Jeremy) is an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering with joint appointment at the Institute of Communication Engineering and the Department of Sports Science of the National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), Taiwan. He received his B.S. degree (magna cum laude), and Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering under supervision of Prof. Shri Narayanan from the University of Southern California (USC), USA in 2007 and 2012. He was a data scientist at id:a lab at the ID Analytics in 2013. He is the director of the BIIC lab at NTHU, Taiwan, and serves as a consultant for E.Sun Bank (玉山銀行) (2020-2022) and Allianz Taiwan (安聯人壽) (2021-2023).

His research interests are in speech and language, affective multimedia, health analytics, and behavior computing. He is an IEEE senior member and a ACM and ISCA member. He is an associate editor for the IEEE Transaction on Affective Computing (2020-), the IEEE Transaction on Multimedia (2019-2020), and a TPC member for APSIPA IVM and MLDA committee. He serves as an area chair for INTERSPEECH 2016, 2018, 2019, senior program committee for ACII 2017, 2019, publicity chair for ACM ICMI 2018, sponsorship and special session chair for ISCSLP 2018, 2020, and a guest editor in Journal of Computer Speech and Language on special issue of Speech and Language Processing for Behavioral and Mental Health. He led a team to the 1st place in Emotion Challenge in INTERSPEECH 2009, and with his students won the 1st place in Styrian Dialect and Baby Sound subchallenge in INTERSPEECH 2019. He is a coauthor on the best paper award/finalist in INTERSPEECH 2008, INTERSPEECH 2010, IEEE EMBC 2018, INTERSPEECH 2018, IEEE EMBC 2019, APSIPA ASC 2019, IEEE EMBC 2020, and the most cited paper published in 2013 in Journal of Speech Communication.

He is a member of Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu. He is the recipient of the Foundation of Outstanding Scholar's Young Innovator Award (2020) (傑出人才基金會:年輕學者創新獎), the CIEE Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer Award (2020) (中國電機工程學會:優秀青年電機工程師獎), the IICM K. T. Li Young Researcher Award (2020) (中華民國資訊學會:李國鼎青年研究獎), the MOST Futuretek Breakthrough Award (2018, 2019) (科技部:未來科技突破獎), the Merry Electroacoustics Thesis Award (Bronze 2019), the MediaTek Geniusforhome Special Prize Award (top 10 team), and the USC Annenberg Fellowship (2007-2009). His team is selected as one of the 40 Taiwan Tech Star to exhibit in 2019 CES Eureka Park. He is the PI of the MOST AI Innovation Grant and multiple industry and collaborative research projects, and he cofounds the startup AHEAD Medicine. His lab's research has been featured in Discovery, Business Today, Technews, Digitimes, and several major news outlet in Taiwan.

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Invited Talks

 (update: Nov. 2020)

Lecture (Keynote) Talks

Lecture Topic Place Date
APSIPA ASC (Overview Talk) Enabling in-to-life Emotion-AI technology: robustness, scalability, and trustworthiness Virtual 2020/12/02
Mackay Hospital Human-enabled AI: Mechanistically Translating Human Experience into Scalable Decision Analytics Mackay, Taipei 2020/11/22
人本智能科技論壇 建構深度模型感知情緒項度與個人特質 SCU, Taiwan 2020/11/07
國衛院(NHRI) From variables to deep representations: the key in driving AI-assistive solution for healthcare Miaoli, Taiwan 2020/10/17
Nvidia GTC Emotion sensing with multimodal behavior AI and its applications Virtual 2020/10/06
調查局 人工智慧於人類行為與情緒之分析決策應用 Taipei, Taiwan 2020/09/02
台灣金融研訓院 HR-Tech 實驗專案-AI視頻面試的應用 芬恩特創新聚落 2020/07/22
驊訊電子 Learning Intelligent Human-Centered Analytics From Multimodal Signals Taipei, Taiwan 2020/02/06
AIRC, Japan Multimodal learning for intelligent human-centered analytics Tokyo, Japan 2020/01/14
NTHU-EE Tohoku Univ. GSIS Bilateral Workshop Speech Analytics for Emotion, Interaction, and Mental Health NTHU 2019/11/22
臺中榮民總醫院-108年度健保資料研究四院聯合成果發表會 Multimodal Health Analytics Learning for Clinical Applications 台中榮總 2019/11/05
Taiwan-Canada Bilateral Workshop Multimodal Learning for Clinical Health Applications Toronto, Canada 2019/10/30
中央研究院資訊科學所 Human-Centered AI:Enabling Machines to Sense and Interpret Us 中研院 2019/10/01
人工智慧輔助醫療與倫理、法律、社會:挑戰與因應 以人為本的人工智能: 讓機器感知並解釋我們 臺大醫院 2019/09/21
AU Optics (友達光電) AI驅使下世代決策應用: 機器智能與人類行為 新竹 2019/08/15
United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia Human-Centered AI:Enabling Machines to Sense and Interpret Us Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2019/05/26
老年精神醫學會年會 AI for behavior computing NTU, Taiwan 2019/03/10
人工智慧學校 AI-enabled decision analytics in our daily life Hsinchu, Taiwan 2019/03/09
Nvdia deep learning community Behavioral Informatics and Interaction Computation Lab 君品飯店 2019/01/17
人工智慧學校 深度學習應用於醫療行為、政治媒體與電影分析 Academia Sinica, Taiwan 2018/12/08
International Symposium on Affective Science and Application (Keynote) Advancing emotion AI sensing technology by learning to integrate neuroperceptual information NCCU, Taiwan 2018/12/10
社政資料治理論壇 深度學習應用於醫療行為、政治媒體與電影分析 NTU 2018/11/27
Bilateral Workshop between NTHU and Tohoku University GSIS Joint neuroperceptual and expressive acoustics modeling for deep vocal emotion decoding Sendai, Japan 2018/11/16
AI工作坊:社科院人工智慧初探講座 Human-Centered AI: Learning Human-centered Analytics from Multimodal Data NCCU 2018/11/10
台灣精神醫學會 AI for Behavior Computing:
Case Studies in Healthcare Applications
CMUH, Taiwan 2018/11/03
Interpersonal Behavior Modeling for Personality, Affect, and Mental States Recognition and Analysis Seoul, Korea 2018/10/22
人工智慧學校 AI for Personality, Emotion and Mental States Recognition Hsinchu, Taiwan 2018/10/06
陽明醫工 AI for Human-Centered Behavior Analytics:
Health Applications
NYMU, Taiwan 2018/09/27
台大醫院精神部 AI for Human-Centered Behavior Analytics:
Health Applications
NTUH, Taiwan 2018/09/17
台灣電通 Sensing and Interpreting Human with AI 台灣電通 2018/08/29
PHD AI 雲講堂
情緒運算於數位行銷之應用 三創中心 2018/08/20
人工智慧學校 Behavior Computing for Emotion and Personality Academia Sinica, Taiwan 2018/08/10
AI MEETUP TAIPEI AI for Personality, Emotion and Mental States Recognition NTU, Taiwan 2018/08/09
APPIER Learning Human-Centered Analytics from Multimodal Data: Case Studies in Health Applications Appier 2018/08/09
林口長庚胸腔內科暨清華大學電機系智慧醫療論壇 Advancing Clinical Decisions beyond Status-quo with Learnable Analytics CGMH, Taiwan 2018/08/04
Realtek Semiconductor Corp/td> Learning Intelligent Human-centered Analytics from Multimodal Behavior Signals Realtek 2018/08/02
自強基金會 語音處理與情緒辨識 NTHU, Taiwan 2018/07/30
IEEE ICME Workshop on Media Analytics for Societal Trend A Pilot Study in Deriving Political Stance Representation with User's Profile and Social Media Posting San Diego, USA 2018/07/23
Rework in Healthcare Learning a Phenotype Representation for AI-assisted Leukemia Diagnosis using Deep Generative Model Hong Kong 2018/06/08
Artificial intelligence based assistive diagnose and treatment for Autism spectrum disorder Behavioral Signal Processing: Multimodal Behavior Computing for Autism Spectrum Disorder Duke Kunshan University 2018/05/24
台大腦心所 Learning from Measurable Signals to Compute Human Emotion NTUH, Taiwan 2018/05/01
工研院產業學院(12 小時課程) 人工智慧於人類行為與情緒之分析決策應用 ITRI, Hsinchu, Taiwan 2018/04/23
資策會數位教育研究所 (14小時課程) 人工智慧醫療診斷分析與應用 Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan 2018/03/17
中國醫藥大學 機器智能與人類行為於醫療應用 CMUH, Taiwan 2018/04/10
林口長庚醫院巨量資料及統計中心 機器智能與人類行為於醫療應用 CGMH, Taiwan 2018/03/27
台灣人智慧學校 機器智能與人類行為於醫療應用 Academia Sinica, Taiwan 2018/03/10
臺灣認知神經科學學會年會(TSCN) A Perspective on using Machine Learning in fMRI Data Modeling: Human face processing and beyond CMUH, Taiwan 2018/01/20
圖書資訊學專題計畫成果發表暨研究發展趨勢研討會 Keynote 大數據分析於資訊行為之研究趨勢 MOST, Taiwan 2017/12/08
台灣資料科學協會:一日課程 (Datasci.TW) Emotion-AI: 運用人工智慧實現情緒辨識 Academia Sinica, Taiwan 2017/12/16
台灣人工智慧年會 (Datasci.TW) 機器智能與人類行為: 跨領域決策分析於醫療應用 Academia Sinica, Taiwan 2017/11/09
Affectiva Inc. Computational Exploration of Human Emotion Recognition Boston, USA 2017/10/23
兩岸清華學術交流 機器智能決策分析於醫療應用 Su Chou, China 2017/10/15
Bilateral Workshop between NTHU and Tohoku University GSIS Computing Human Behavior Health Analytics from Speech, Video, and Language Hsinchu, Taiwan 2017/10/13
大數據於資訊行為分析與應用研討會 Keynote 大數據時代的人類資訊行為研究現況與趨勢 NCCU, Taiwan 2017/09/30
台灣生醫電子工程協會年會(TWEMBA) Behavior Computing for Health Applications Hsinchu, Taiwan 2017/04/28
中華民國臨床心理年會 (TACP) Deriving Human Behavior Analytics using Audio-Video Data: Recent work in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) NTU, Taiwan 2017/04/23
廣達電腦 (Quanta Computer) 人類行為訊號處理: 新興跨學科(醫療、教育)研究應用實例分享 Taoyuan, Taiwan 2017/03/30
台中榮總醫學研究部Big Data專題演講 (VGTCH) Behavioral Signal Processing: Enabling behavior analytics for Applications in Health and Education Taichung, Taiwan 2017/02/22
經濟部Mix Taiwan創意X技術-知識分享沙龍 (Ministry of Economic Affairs) 新興人工智慧跨領域研究實例分享 Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan 2017/01/18
台灣資料科學協會:一日課程 (Datasci.TW) 人類行為大數據分析:資料科學如何應用在教育及醫療領域 Academia Sinica, Taiwan 2017/01/15
台大公衛健康與虛擬社群工作坊 (National Taiwan University College of Public Health Workshop) 人類行為訊號處理: 跨學科(教育、醫療)人類行為量化分析之決策工具 NTU, Taiwan 2016/12/16
中華民國精算學會年會 (AIRC) 人類行為訊號處理:全新跨學科(教育、醫療)人類行為量化分析之決策工具 TWTC, Taiwan 2016/11/30
Information Retrieval Workshop Exploration in Human Affect Modeling: Engineering Advancements and Next Steps Academia Sinica, Taiwan 2016/11/24
台灣資料科學協會:一日課程 (Datasci.TW) 人類行為大數據分析:資料科學如何應用在教育及醫療領域 Academia Sinica, Taiwan 2016/10/30
Bilateral Workshop between NTHU and Tohoku University GSIS Deriving Human Behavior Analytics using Audio-Video Data: Challenges and Opportunities Sendai, Japan 2016/10/25
台灣資料科學年會 (Datasci.TW) 人類行為大數據分析:資料科學如何應用在教育及醫療領域 Academia Sinica, Taiwan 2016/07/14
Lorentz Workshop on Interdisciplinary Insights into Small Group and Team Dynamics Behavioral Signal Processing Lorentz Center, Leiden, Netherland 2016/06/29
Speech Processing Workshop (SWS) A window into you: BSP effort for quantifying human behaviors across domains of health, education, and psychology NTU, Taiwan 2016/03/18
Bilateral Workshop between NTHU and Tohoku University GSIS Cross-corpora Prosody-based Emotional Arousal Indicator and its Analysis in Affective Human Production-Perception Interplay Hsinchu, Taiwan 2015/10/28
Taiwan-Japan Symposium on Psychological, Physiological, and Electro-Acoustics Prosody-based Emotional Arousal Indicator and its Analysis in Affective Production-Perception Interplay NTHU, Taiwan 2015/10/23
Bilateral Workshop between NTHU and Tohoku University GSIS Behavioral Signal Processing: An interdisciplinary effort in modeling human behaviors with applications in domains of behavior science Sendai, Japan 2014/10/21
Speech Processing Workshop (SWS) Understanding Dyadic Human Spoken Interactions Using Speech Processing Techniques: Case studies in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and behavioral Couple Therapy NTPU, Taiwan 2014/08/01

Graduate Student Seminar Talks

NTHU-EE, NTU-EE, NCTU-EE, Academia Sinica-TIGP SNHCC, FJU-CSIE, PU-FMath, Academia Sinica-Econ, NTUH-Psychiatry, CCU-CogPsy, NCCU-CS, National Academy of Educational Research (NAER), National Academy of Civil Service (NACS)