2019 Interspeech, Graz, Austria

We won the challenge!
Sung-Lin Yeh, Gao-Yi Chao, Bo-Hao Su got TWO first prize for Interspeech ComParE Challenges!
And Jeng-Lin Li had an oral on the main hall, Hui-Ting Hong and Shun-Chang Zhong also did a great job on poster session!

Publication list:

Chih-Hsiang Huang, Huang-Cheng Chou, Yi-Tong Wu, Chi-Chun Lee, Yi-Wen Liu,
"Acoustic Indicators of Deception in Mandarin Daily Conversations Recorded from an Interactive Game"

Sung-Lin Yeh, Gao-Yi Chao, Bo-Hao Su, Yu-Lin Huang, Meng-Han Lin, Yin-Chun Tsai, Yu-Wen Tai, Zheng-Chi Lu, Chieh-Yu Chen, Tsung-Ming Tai, Chiu-Wang Tseng, Cheng-Kuang Lee and Chi-Chun Lee,
"Using Attention Networks and Adversarial Augmentation for Styrian Dialect Continuous Sleepiness and Baby Sound Recognition"

Hui-Ting Hong, Jeng-Lin Li, Yi-Ming Weng, Chip-Jin Ng and Chi-Chun Lee,
"Investigating the Variability of Voice Quality and Pain Levels as a Function of Multiple Clinical Parameters"

Shun-Chang Zhong, Yun-Shao Lin, Chun-Min Chang, Yi-Ching Liu and Chi-Chun Lee,
"Predicting Group Performances using a Personality Composite-Network Architecture during Collaborative Task",

Gao-Yi Chao, Yun-Shao Lin, Chun-Min Chang, Chi-Chun Lee,
"Enforcing Semantic Consistency for Cross Corpus Valence Regression from Speech using Adversarial Discrepancy Learning"

Jeng-Lin Li, Chi-Chun Lee,
"Attentive to Individual: A Multimodal Emotion Recognition Network with Personalized Attention Profile"